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climate change
green finance strategy
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  • Committing to change to meet the terms of the Paris climate agreement
  • Reducing emissions to net-zero by 2050
  • Understanding the implications of the Paris agreement for businesses, individuals and the UK as a whole
  • Comparing the progress of the UK to other nations within the Paris agreement

  • Outlining the Government’s 25-year environment plan to help the natural world regain and retain good health
  • Launching a world-leading tax on plastic packaging, enforcing consistent household recycling and encouraging the thoughtful use of resources to benefit the UK economy by millions
  • Delivering a ‘Green Brexit’, understanding its’ impact and discussing the changes to budget and legislative capacity

  • Understanding the principles of sustainable procurement and the relevant legislation
  • Incorporating effective supply chain management into successful business strategy
  • Maintaining efficiency and competitiveness alongside ethics and sustainability

  • Evaluating behavioural change campaigns and their impact on air pollution
  • Communicating with those who are not as active on social media
  • Discussing the effectiveness of green mortgages and financial incentives
  • Explaining how nudge theory and behavioural change interventions can help local authorities fulfil responsibilities

  • An update on the Mayor’s £20m Air Quality Fund
  • Helping London boroughs deliver targeted action to tackle air quality and improve local areas
  • Supporting the roll-out of low-emission neighbourhoods in the busiest areas of London
  • Making the City of London the first large-scale zero-emission zone in the UK
  • Reducing the number of cars on the road by 50% by 2044