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Jeremy Martin

Energy & Sustainability Manager
Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

Jeremy was appointed as Energy and Sustainability Manager at Southend Borough Council following a 2 year assignment as Energy Projects Manager.  Jeremy’s brief is to deliver Southend’s ambitious 5 year Low Carbon Energy and Sustainability Strategy published in 2015.  Jeremy’s background includes 9 years specialising in retrofit energy efficiency with 6 years as Managing Director of CarbonAqua, a specialist in fast payback efficiency projects.  Jeremy combines this experience with an interest in how energy and sustainability can improve outcomes for residents and communities.

  • Evaluating behavioural change campaigns and their impact on air pollution
  • Communicating with those who are not as active on social media
  • Discussing the effectiveness of green mortgages and financial incentives
  • Explaining how nudge theory and behavioural change interventions can help local authorities fulfil responsibilities